High Court

The High Courts division is responsible for the management and support of the Courts and Tribunals. The division is headed by the Registrar – High Courts and supported by the Deputy Registrar – Criminal & Civil Court, the Deputy Registrar – Land Court, Deputy Registrar – Land Titles, and the Stenography Services Manager.  Eleven (11) Deputy Registrars from the Pa Enua also report to the Registrar – High Courts.

The core deliverables of the division are:

  • Supporting the judges, justices of the peace and laymen in court proceedings.
  • Scheduling court sittings and managing the jury selection process.
  • Coordinating and conducting Meetings of Assembled Owners (MOAO).
  • Conducting monthly and special sittings of the Leases Approval Tribunal (LAT).
  • Assisting with the management of the Land Agents Registration Board.
  • Scheduling Parole Board meetings.
  • Conducting and supporting coronial inquiries.
  • Managing court processes and applications relating to land, civil, and criminal proceedings, including the Court of Appeal.
  • Managing and collecting fines based on Court orders.
  • Issuing and enforcing court orders.
  • Executing warrants and collection of reparation.
  • Managing the land and tribal title registries.
  • Administering the Customs Appeal Authority.
  • Conducting and supporting complaint inquiries relating to the Prison