Land Succession

Guideline for Applications

In order to be listed as a landowner on the Registry of Titles (ROT) for any land in the Cook Islands (except for Pukapuka, Mitiaro, and Mangaia) you must “succeed” to the interests of your ancestors with a succession application to the Land Division of the High Court of the Cook Islands.

  1. Gather Supporting Documents
    Confirm identities and relationships between deceased and successor(s) through supporting documents.
  2. Make an Appointment
    Contact us to schedule an appointment with a Land Court Clerk who can help guide you through the process and facilitate access to information in the land records archive.
  3. Complete & Submit Application
    Application fees must be paid in full. We will assist with checking the application. Any false information you provide as part of your application may lead to prosecution.
  4. Attend Court Hearing
    Check published Panui lists for your designated Court hearing date and attend.

    The Panui list, published on the website and at the office of the Ministry of Justice, will designate the venue, date and time of hearing. Failure to appear at the scheduled Court hearing may result in your application being adjourned or dismissed, and additional fees may apply.

    If you have sufficient interest in the matter before the Court you may appear in Court or have someone appear on your behalf, such as a:
    – Lawyer.
    – Registered Land Agent.
    – Recorded Landowner (on ROT).
    – Grandparent, parent, parent’s sibling, spouse or sibling of a recorded landowner (close family).
    – A person given permission by the Court to appear.
    * Land Agents Registration Act 2009, amended 2011.
  5. Collect Your Court Order
    If your application is granted, the Court staff will contact you to collect your Court Order. Processing time is approximately 60 days. Please contact us if you have changed your contact information or have not been contacted for your Court Order.

Fees as of the 18th January 2023

*For the first 5 lands$50
Advertising (first time)$50
Checking & Sealing Order$55
*+$10 for each additional land NOTE: An additional $50.00 re-advertising fee will be incurred each time your application is adjourned.
Fees are VAT inclusive.